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How to Distinguish Paper Converting Machine

It's important for paper mill owners to assess a paper converting machine before purchasing, and here are the top five questions you should consider.

1. First of all, you need to check the complexity and functions of the paper machine. Is it easy to use? How many people will it take to operate the machine? Does it do all the functions you need it to?

2. Secondly, check the size of raw materials (machine weight is a useful index) and the supplier of major components. Are they well-known and reliable suppliers? Will the machine fit into your factory space?

3. Thirdly, ask about what paper converting technology the company uses and the treatment process for their key parts.

4. Perform a pilot run to see the quality of the finished paper product, like perforation performance, tightness in winding, etc.

5. Lastly, consider the production speed. Keep in mind that a more steady and consistent production speed is better than the maximum production speed.

HUAXUN has focused on producing paper making machines for years and have developed several new patents. Our paper machines are highly competitive for being reliable and multifunctional. Our R&D department can also consult with you personally to make a customizable paper machine for you and your business needs.

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