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About Us
  • Quanzhou Huaxun Machinery Making Co Ltd., has been manufacturing and supplying complete production lines for paper making machinery for over ten years. Our equipment is used by paper mills all over the world to manufacture and package toilet paper, paper towels, hand towels, paper napkins, facial tissues, baby diapers, and other paper products.

    At Huaxun, we recognize that innovation is a key factor in sustainable development in any company. In order to do that, we employ highly qualified people and stay up-to-date on cutting-edge technology to develop new paper machines and expand the range of our products every year. Our own research and development team plays an active role in the paper mill industry.

    As the quality and competitiveness of our products grow, so does our service to our customers. Here are the advantages you can expect when you choose Huaxun as your supplier of paper making machinery.

  • Besides producing high quality paper making machines, Huaxun also strives to give focused and personal customer service to each of our clients. Here are the services we guarantee you:

    Technical Support
    1. Free consultation and project feasibility analysis
    2. Technical data for reference
    3. Design pattern, installation blueprint and other necessary information for production
    4. Raw material information (batch No., technical performance, manufacturer, etc.)
    5. Troubleshooting guide

    After-Sales Service
    1. Factory inspection and commissioning before delivery
    2. Theoretical and operational training during testing
    3. On-site installation, testing and training
    4. 1-year warranty: free maintenance and parts replacement if machine failure is not caused by improper operation
    5. Maintenance cost only charged within 3 years counted from the day that warranty period expires
    6. Other service items as negotiated

Quanzhou HUAXUN Machinery Making Co., Ltd.

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Contact Person: Amy Wu
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