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Roll Paper Printing Machine

The HX-1575D roll paper printing machine uses water-based ink to print images on large rolls of paper via offset printing, and it is an auxiliary device for paper converting equipment.

1. For this paper printing unit, several processes, including unwinding, printing and rewinding, are conducted at the same time, and a stepless speed controller offers stable tension for unwinding and rewinding.

2. With the help of a phase adjustment unit, the jumbo paper roll printing machine can finish printing without shutting down. The bearings, electric components and synchronous belt are provided by well-known and reliable manufacturers, thereby ensuring a long life service of our jumbo roll paper printer.

3. Our jumbo paper roll printing machine has a production speed of 60-100m/min, and can increase or lower its printing speed instantly. The number of colors the machine can print is adjustable.

Technical Data of jumbo paper roll printing machine
1. Jumbo roll width: 1200-1800mm (as per request)
2. GSM of jumbo paper roll: 13-60g/m2
3. Production speed: 60-100m/minute
4. Power: 5.5kW/380V/50Hz (without electric heating device)
5. Machine weight: About 2.5T
6. Machine dimensions (L×W×H): 4×2.1×1.5m (for HX-1575), 3×1.7×1.5m (for HX-1092)

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