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Paper Slitter

    1. Toilet Paper Slitting MachineEquipped with an embosser, perforating unit and automatic slitting device, this toilet paper slitter finishes several processes at once, and its production speed is as high as 130-180m/minute.
    1. Roll Paper Slitter Rewinder (For Jumbo Roll Tissue)Our jumbo paper roll slitting machine has a production speed of 120-180m/minute, which can be adjusted at any moment for higher production orders. A stepless speed control regulates the unwinding tension so it is steady and constant.
    1. Automatic Roll Paper SlitterThis machine comes with a blade sharpener to precisely grind cutting blades. A safety protection device stops the machine automatically when the door is open.
    1. Facial Tissue Cutting MachineThanks to the PLC controller, this facial tissue slitter finishes paper feeding and cutting automatically while adjusting the cutting length and cycle within a certain range.
    1. Semi-Automatic Roll Paper SlitterThe HX-003 semi-automatic paper roll slitter is a band saw used to cut to toilet paper or kitchen towel rolls.
      Machine dimensions (L×W×H): 1.05×0.7×1.8m
    1. HX-1575 F Small Roll Paper Cutting MachineSmall rolled paper produced by this machine are widely used in the toilet room of public places including hotels and office buildings, etc. This machine is equipped with embossing, perforating and automatic cutting device. The product is one-step forming.

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