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HX-Z200 Fully Automatic Roll Paper Cutting Machine

Equipment Function and Configuration:
1. This machine is special equipment for cutting rolled toilet paper and rolled kitchen paper. Production operation is simple, product cut is trim, production speed is high.
2. Adopts programmable controller to automatically control production. Automatic reset, push roll,cut. The roll-cutting length, cutting period can be adjustable.
3. Automatically check rolled paper head, automatically ablate the untidy and eliminate waste.
4. Equipped with touch screen man-machine dialogue to control the operation, production parameter and trouble is clear to see, operation is simple.
5. Photoelectric inspecting, servo driving, pneumatic component and bearing cutter, etc adopt good quality product.
6. having automatic blade grinding device. Accuracy of blade-grinding is high, side door safety protection switch, equipment automatically stop when door is opened.

Main technical parameter:
1. Paper roll length: 1500~2000mm(vary according to length provided by client)
2. Paper roll diameter: φ100~φ120mm (can custom-tailor)
3. Production speed: cutting times 80~100 times/minute × 2 rolls/times
4. Equipment power: 6.77KW(380V 50HZ)
5. Equipment weight: about 2 Tons
6. Equipment overall size(L*W*H):6.9*1.72*1.92M

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