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Facial Tissue Cutting Machine

The HX-210/330 Automatic Facial Tissue Cutting Machine is designed to cut facial tissues, hand towels or toilet paper into desired sizes. Three different models-A, B, and C-are available.

Features of automatic facial tissue cutting machine
1. Thanks to the PLC controller, this facial tissue slitter finishes paper feeding and cutting automatically while adjusting the cutting length and cycle within a certain range.
2. Thanks to a touch screen, photoelectric sensor and servo drive, our facial tissue slitting machine is simply designed and easy to use, reaching a production speed of 40 to 120 cuts per minute.

Technical Data of automatic facial tissue cutting machine
1. Jumbo roll specification: 45-110mm in width, 40-100mm in thickness (both are customizable)
2. Production speed: 40-120 cuts/minute
3. Cutter diameter: 610mm
4. Power: 7.7kW (380V/50Hz/3PH)
5. Air pressure: 0.5-0.6Mpa
6. Machine weight: 1.5T
7. Machine dimensions (L×W×H): 6100×1500×2100mm

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