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Toilet Paper Slitting Machine

The HX-1575F Small Roll Toilet Paper Slitting Machine is commonly used to make toilet paper for hotels, office buildings and other public places.

Features of small roll toilet paper slitting machine
1. Equipped with an embosser, perforating unit and automatic slitting device, this toilet paper slitter finishes several processes at once, and its production speed is as high as 130-180m/minute.

2. Our roll paper slitter uses a flat conveyor belt to deliver jumbo rolls to an unwinding unit, and its tensional force is adjustable via stepless speed control.

3. The toilet paper slitting machine uses an expanding shaft to rewind the paper after cutting (or finish rewinding pneumatically). How tightly the roll is wound can be adjusted.

Technical Data of small roll toilet paper slitting machine
1. Production speed: 130-180m/minute
2. Max. rewinding diameter: 300mm
3. Perforation interval: 100-150mm (adjustable)
4. Jumbo roll diameter: ≤1200mm
5. Power: 3kW (380V/50Hz)
6. Machine weight: About 2.2T
7. Machine dimensions (L×W×H): 4.0×2.3×1.6m

Details of small roll toilet paper slitting machine

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