Kraft Paper Slitter

The HX-2800G Kraft Paper Roll Slitting Machine is designed to cut large rolls of kraft paper. The width and size of a finished paper roll can easily be adjusted within a certain range.

Features of kraft paper roll slitting machine
The kraft paper roll slitting machine can reach a speed of 120m/min, and its compact and user-friendly design makes it an ideal choice for paper mills and paper converting plants.

Technical Data of kraft paper roll slitting machine
1. Jumbo roll width: 2800mm
2. Jumbo roll diameter: 1400-1600mm
3. GSM of jumbo roll: 50-600g/m2
4. Finished paper roll size: Adjustable
5. Min. slitting width: 50mm
6. Slitting speed: 120m/minute
7. Max. rewinding diameter: 900mm
8. Total power: 8.5kW
9. Machine weight: About 3.5T
10. Machine dimensions (L×W×H): 3800×2200×1500mm

Details of kraft paper roll slitting machine

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Paper Slitter | Kraft Paper Slitter

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