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Paper Core Making Machine

    1. Automatic Paper Core Making MachineThe HX-ZJJ-A model automatic paper core machine makes 2 to 4 layered paper cores for the papermaking, textile, plastics, medicine and packing industries. It cuts paper cores into desired lengths at a maximum production speed of 18m/min.
    1. Paper Core Cutting MachineThe paper core cutting machine cuts long paper cores into short ones with an adjustable cutting length and cycle. This machine is frequently paired with the paper core making machine.
    1. Kraft Paper SlitterThe kraft paper roll slitting machine can reach a speed of 120m/min, and its compact and user-friendly design makes it an ideal choice for paper mills and paper converting plants.
    1. HX-2200G Kraft Paper Cutting MachineThis machine has the feature of compact and reasonable structure, easy operation, stable running, is the ideal equipment for paper making factor and paper processing factory.

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