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Tissue Packaging Machine

    1. Toilet Roll Packing MachineThis tissue roll wrapper makes handheld bags from printed plastic film so as to package paper rolls, cutting down on production costs by processing everything at once.
    1. Paper Napkin Packing MachineA PLC, variable frequency drive and multifunctional digital display makes this tissue roll bagger easily adjustable, maintained and controlled. A user-friendly touch screen makes our paper napkin packing machine convenient to set processing parameters.
    1. Facial Tissue Packing MachineThis tissue roll wrapper is equipped with a PLC, variable frequency drive and multi-functional digital display. A user-friendly touch screen makes it easy to set parameters.
    1. Bagging and Sealing Machine (With Automatic Conveyor)The HX-08 bagging and sealing machine can automatically place tissue paper into a plastic bag and then seals the bag. The paper packaging machine increases packing quality and efficiency, while the packing size can be tailored according to customer’s needs.
    1. Bagging and Sealing MachineThe HX-002 Bagging and Sealing Machine packages facial tissues, paper napkins, toilet paper, kitchen towels, sanitary napkins or other paper products into a plastic bag and then seals the bag.
    1. Tissue Box Sealing MachinePowered by electricity, our hot melt gluing and sealing machine is reliable and easy to use with a production speed of about 15 boxes per minute. The HX-50 Tissue Box Sealing Machine is a semi-automatic box sealer that uses a hot melt adhesive to seal various kinds of paper boxes and food boxes.
    1. HX-50 Semi-Automatic Box Sealing MachineSemi-automatic box sealing machine, is a specifically designed for boxed tissue box sealing machine, The machine use electromechanical integration technology, with stable performance, simple operation and process automation Higher degrees, greatly improve the boxed tissue processing efficiency, ensure product quality, fallow loss of glue.

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