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Bagging and Sealing Machine

The HX-002 Bagging and Sealing Machine packages facial tissues, paper napkins, toilet paper, kitchen towels, sanitary napkins or other paper products into a plastic bag and then seals the bag.

Technical Data of HX-002 Bagging and Sealing Machine
1. Packing speed: 8-12 bags/minute
2. Power supply: 220V/50Hz/1PH
3. Rated air pressure: 0.5Mpa (provided by customer)
4. Total power: 0.4kW (subject to actual equipment)
5. Packing size: 130-210mm (L) × 95-100mm (W) × 50-95mm (H)
6. Machine weight: About 0.5T (subject to actual equipment)
7. Machine size: 1380×800×1020mm (subject to actual equipment)

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