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Bagging and Sealing Machine (With Automatic Conveyor)

The HX-08 bagging and sealing machine can automatically place tissue paper into a plastic bag and then seals the bag. The paper packaging machine increases packing quality and efficiency, while the packing size can be tailored according to customer’s needs.

Operation Guide
One worker puts paper onto the conveying device while another worker places a plastic bag on the bagging and sealing machine. Then press the start button, and paper will be automatically packed and sealed in the bag.

Technical Data
1. Packing speed: 8-12 bags/minute
2. Power supply: 220V/50Hz/1PH
3. Rated air pressure: 0.5Mpa (provided by customer)
4. Total power: 0.4kW (subject to actual equipment)
5. Packing size: 130-210mm (L) × 95-100mm (W) × 50-95mm (H)
6. Machine weight: About 0.5T (subject to actual equipment)
7. Machine size: 1380×800×1020mm (subject to actual equipment)

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