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Flat Pack Facial Tissue Packing Machine

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The HX-083 flat pack facial tissue packing machine is designed to package pocket tissues, saving on production cost by as much as 0.05 CNY (about 0.81 cents) for each pack.

Feature of wallet style pocket tissue packing machine
1. With 3 Panasonic servo motors, this pocket tissue packing machine is easy to adjust settings, reaching an efficient maximum packing speed of 200 packs/minute.

2. Our pocket tissue packaging machine cuts down the number of required workers by 10-20, and its noise level is less than 80dB.

Technical Data of wallet style pocket tissue packing machine
1. Paper size: 100-130mm (L) × 160-175mm (W)
2. Packing quantity: 3-10 tissues for each side
3. Packing film: PE, POPP and composite films
4. Packing film diameter: <500mm
5. Power supply: 380VAC±5%, 50Hz, 3-phase, 5-wire
6. Power: 5kW for main motor, 2.4kW for gluing machine
7. Design speed: Not less than 200 packs/minute
8. Max. stable packing speed: 120 packs/minute
9. Air pressure: ≥0.6Mpa
10. Air consumption: <2m3/h
11. Noise level: <80dB
12. Max. machine size (L×W×H): 7.5×1.1×1.8m

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