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Facial Tissue Packing Machine

The HX-220B Automatic Facial Tissue Packing Machine is used to pack thick facial tissues with a packing speed range of 10 to 45 bags per minute.

Features of automatic facial tissue packing machine
1. Our facial tissue wrapper uses a vacuum to feed plastic film evenly and smoothly, and it will alert operators automatically when there is no plastic film.
2. Key electrical devices are supplied by reliable and well-known companies for long lasting performance.
3. This tissue roll wrapper is equipped with a PLC, variable frequency drive and multi-functional digital display. A user-friendly touch screen makes it easy to set parameters.

Technical Data of automatic facial tissue packing machine
1. Packing speed: 10-45 bags/min
2. Packing size: 120-240mm (L), 80-120mm (W), 50-100mm (H)
3. Machine weight: 2.1T
4. Machine dimensions (L×W×H): 5580×2980×2010mm

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