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Paper Napkin Packing Machine

The HX-220A Automatic Paper Napkin Packing Machine is designed to pack thin, square-shaped paper napkins and facial tissues, and it is very popular on the market due to its outstanding properties as demonstrated below.

Features of automatic paper napkin packing machine
1. A PLC, variable frequency drive and multifunctional digital display makes this tissue roll bagger easily adjustable, maintained and controlled.
2. A user-friendly touch screen makes our paper napkin packing machine convenient to set processing parameters.
3. Our paper napkin wrapper uses a vacuum to feed plastic films evenly and smooth at a packing speed of 25-35 packs per minute. When there is no plastic film, the wrapper automatically alerts the operators.
4. The length of the plastic film can be controlled by setting a fixed length on the operation panel or using an electric sensor to track the color code on the film.
5. An optional printer can be attached to our napkin packaging machine to print the series code of finished paper products.
6. Major electrical devices are supplied by reliable and well-known manufacturers for a longer lasting napkin packaging machine.

Technical Data of automatic paper napkin packing machine
1. Packing speed: 25-35 bags/minute
2. Packing size: 100-180mm (L), 100-180mm (W), 15-50mm (H)
3. Machine weight: 2T
4. Machine dimensions (L×W×H): 2544×2600×2020mm

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