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HX-50 Semi-Automatic Box Sealing Machine

Semi-automatic box sealing machine, is a specifically designed for boxed tissue box sealing machine, The machine use electromechanical
integration technology, with stable performance, simple operation and process automation Higher degrees, greatly improve the boxed tissue processing efficiency, ensure product quality, fallow loss of glue.

1、the machine material conform to the requirements of environmental protection.
2、 transformation is convenient and fast.
3、the key parts are made of high quality components.
4、and optimize the power consumption, accord with energy conservation and new concepts.
5、simple operation, high efficiency and low cost

Main technology specification:
1、Production speed: about 20-40 boxes / min; (it depends on worker's proficiency.)
2、Sealing box size (L × W × H): can be adjustable
3、power:220V 50HZ, 3 phase
4、The installed power: 2.4KW
5、Gas source: 0.5mpa to 0.8mpa.is better
6、Weight: 0.4 tons.
7、Machine Size:3500*2100*1400mm
8、Air consumption:about 900L/h(normal operation)

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