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Tissue Box Sealing Machine

The HX-50 Tissue Box Sealing Machine is a semi-automatic box sealer that uses a hot melt adhesive to seal various kinds of paper boxes and food boxes. Major parts are manufactured from stainless steel for sanitary purposes.

Features of tissue box sealing machine
Powered by electricity, our hot melt gluing and sealing machine is reliable and easy to use with a production speed of about 15 boxes per minute.

Technical Data of tissue box sealing machine
1. Production speed: 15 boxes/minute (depends on the skill level of worker)
2. Applicable box size: 100-290mm (L) × 70-150mm (W) × 25-120mm (H)
3. Power consumption: 2.4kW (220V/50Hz/1PH)
4. Gas source: 0.4Mpa, 0.3m3/min (air compressor shall be prepared by customer)
5. Bonding material: Hot melt adhesive
6. Machine weight: 0.4T
7. Machine dimension: 1100×900×1400mm

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