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Facial Tissue Machine

    1. HX-200 Wallet Type Glue Lamination Facial Tissue MachineThis wallet-type glue lamination facial tissue machine provides nice and elegant patterns. After the embossing process, this machine cuts the paper precisely, automatically folds the paper into 1/4 or 1/6 facial tissue. Plus, we also provide customized service.
    1. HX-210 Mini Facial Tissue Machine (Double-Line)The stepless speed adjustment ensures accurate operation of this facial tissue machine. In general, the machine is composed of these following parts: roll unwinding device, embossing device, lengthways folding device, paper cutting machine and transverse folding equipment.
    1. Pocket Pack Facial Tissue MachineThis paper converting equipment uses vacuum absorption to fold paper into tissues with desired sizes and shapes in a highly precise way.
      Owing to the automatic tension control during unwinding, the mini facial tissue machine is able to process jumbo rolls with different tensions.
    1. Flat Box Facial Tissue MachineThis tissue making machine has an embossing unit to manufacture facial tissues with unique patterns. Finished tissues are often used in hotels, restaurants, offices and houses.
    1. HX-200/2 V Fold Facial Tissue MachineThis machine adopts vacuum absorption technique and mechanical hand assistant folding principle, which can automatically fold and count tissues. The finished products are convenient for packaging. Machine will automatically stop when paper breaks so that to avoid waste products producing.

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