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HX-200/2 V Fold Facial Tissue Machine

Function and Character:
1, This machine adopts vacuum absorption technique and mechanical hand assistant folding principle, which can automatically fold and count tissues. The finished products are convenient for packaging. Machine will automatically stop when paper breaks so that to avoid waste products producing. The machine adopts inching drawing jumbo rolls principle which makes operation simple and safe.
2, It is designed according to CE standard and equipped with emergency safety device. The Spare parts are processing precision, and main parts are in famous brand
3, Equipment with edge embossing and full embossing device

Main technical parameter:
1. Equipment Model: HX-200/2 (3/4/5/6/10 lines output for option)
2. Finished product unfolded size: L200*W200mm (W:140-200 for adjustment)±2mm
3. Finished product folded size: L100*W200mm (W:140-200 for adjustment)±2mm
4. Jumbo roll width:400mm (12~18g/㎡×2plies)
5. Jumbo roll diameter:≤1200mm
6. Jumbo roll inner core diameter:76.2mm
7. Production speed: about 1200sheet/min
8. Equipment power:7.7KW 380V, 50HZ
9. Equipment overall size (L*W*H): 4720*1500*2200mm
10.Equipment weight:1.8T

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