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Paper Napkin Machine (1/4 Fold and 1/8 Fold)

The HX-170-400(330) model 1/8 fold paper napkin machine embosses and folds roll paper into 1/8 or 1/4 folded napkins which are commonly used in hotels, restaurants and planes.

1. Our paper napkin machine has an optional 1-4 color flexographic printing unit to print unique patterns, logos, or text on the napkin.

2. The paper napkin machine is compliant with CE standards, and its major electrical devices are supplied by reliable international companies. We process key mechanical parts with high precision CNC machines.

3. This double transverse (1/8 fold) folder uses stepless speed control for a steady and consistent unwinding process and an automatic counter to facilitate packaging.

4. The number of paper sheets per group could be set in advance so that when the machine processes that amount, the machine moves them along to a packaging unit. Two groups with different heights can be processed at one time.

5. This paper napkin machine is equipped with an embossing unit of steel to steel, steel to felt, steel to wool, or steel to rubber. An optional heating device can be added for better embossing results.

Technical Data of paper napkin folding machine
1. Production speed: 600-800 sheets/min
2. Folded size of finished napkin:
165×165 (1/4 fold)
83×165mm (1/8 fold)
3. Jumbo roll width: 330×330 mm
4. Jumbo roll diameter: ≤1200mm
5. Power: 4.5kW (380V/50Hz)
6. Machine weight: About 1.5T

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