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Paper Napkin Machine (1/4 Fold and 1/6 Fold)

The HX-170-400(210) model 1/6 fold paper napkin machine is a fully automatic napkin folder which uses stepless speed control to for steady and consistent processing. With two folding units, it is able to manufacture both 1/4 fold napkins and 1/6 fold napkins, and is also known as a quarterfold napkin folder, 1/4 fold napkin folder or 1/6 fold napkin folder. This paper napkin machine is used in conjunction with the flat pack facial tissue packing machine.

1. Printing: Professional flexographic printing with anilox roller, 1-4 colors
2. Embossing: Bottom roller can be a felt roller, wool roller or rubber roller
3. Heating system (optional): For better embossing results
4. Stepless speed control for steady unwinding
5. Automatic number counting to simplify packaging

Technical Data of Paper Napkin Machine
1. Production speed: 600-800 sheets/min
2. Open size of finished napkin: 210×210mm
3. Folded size of finished napkin: 70×105mm
4. Jumbo roll width: 210mm
5. Jumbo roll diameter: ≤1200mm
6. Power: 4.5kW (380V/50Hz)
7. Machine weight: About 1.5T
8. Machine dimensions: 3700×720×1600mm

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