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Paper Napkin Folding Machine (Double Layer Napkin)

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The HX-280 double layer paper napkin folding machine is easy to operate and saves on labor and production costs.

Our paper napkin folder has two sets of folding and cutting units which process four lanes at one time for a production speed of 1,600 sheets of paper per minute. This highly efficient paper napkin machine works best for paper manufacturers with a large production capacity.

Production Process
Material loading (pneumatically) – feeding by flat belt – embossing – cutting – longitudinal folding – counting – transverse folding – cutting – discharging

System Configuration
Our double layer paper napkin machine incorporates quality components such as:
1. Embossing unit: Customizable
2. Material loading device: Pneumatic (air compressor is prepared by user)
3. Material feeding mechanism: Synchronous feeding by flat belt and AP gear
4. Guide pipe: Made of aluminum alloy to ensure good concentricity
5. Machine head transmission: Standard commutator 
6. Output chute: Double deck, stainless steel
7. Cutting knife: 1 group (automatic & pneumatic sharpening)
8. Emergency stop when paper breaks: Installed between embosser and former

Technical Data
1. Folded size of finished paper: 140×140mm (±1mm)
2. Open size of finished paper: 280×280mm
3. Raw material size: ≤Ф1200×560mm
4. Folding method: 1/4 fold by two triangular iron plates 
5. Main motor: Variable frequency motor, 3kW/380V/50Hz
6. Production speed: 1600 sheets/min

Details of double deck paper napkin folding machine

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