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HX-170-400(300)Paper Napkin Machine (with Two Embossing Units)

Equipment introduction
This machine is to print, emboss and automatically fold the rolled paper which is cut well into square or rectangular Napkin Paper. Can add 1-4 colors water ink printing system for printing diversified fine pattern, brand, with characters of clear and bright printing, exact overprint, high speed and stable running, is preferred equipment for processing good quality napkin paper.

1. A variety of folded pattern can be selected, can be customized.
2. Color printing part adopts flexography printing, pattern can replace flexibly according to requirement, adopt special color printing, net lines ink vibrator.
3. Stepless speed adjustment for unwinding roll, whole machine run synchronously, production automatic counting, can set automatic counting layered output, convenient for packing.
4. Bottom embossing roller adopt Felt Roller, Wool Roller, Rubber Roller(can select 1 kind among them) to steel roller. Embossing can be selected to equip with heating system, pattern is bright.
5. This machine with two sets of embossing units, the customer can make two kinds of embossing pattern napkins without replace embossing unit from machine.

Main technical parameter
1. Production speed:600-800 pcs/min
2. Finished product unfolded size:300*300mm
3. Finished product folded size:150*150mm
4. Jumbo roll width:≤30mm
5. Jumbo roll diameter:≤1200mm
6. Equipment power:4.7KW (380V 50HZ)
7. Equipment overall size (L×W×H):3700 × 850 × 1600 mm
8. Equipment weight:about 1.6T

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