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HX-240-2 M Fold Paper Hand Towel Machine

HX-240-2 M Fold hand towel machine
Main Characteristic

1. Steel to steel embossing, pneumatically press. The design is available to customer's requirement.
2. Transmitted by Synchronous belt. The transmitting speed is correct, and the noise is low.
3. It cut paper pneumatically. When machine stopped, the cutting blade can separate from paper automatically, which makes it easy to pass paper through machine.
4. PLC control and electronically count. Equipped with front and back point move switch.
5.M fold hand towel machine with two jumbo roll stands

Main technical parameter
1、Finished product unfolded size:240x230mm (other size can be customized)
2、Jumbo roll Maximum diameter :Φ1200mm (other size can be customized)
3、Production speed: 600-800 sheet/ min
4、Equipment power:10.5KW
5、Equipment overall size (L×W×H):3500X1480X2000 mm
6、Equipment weight :2.2T

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