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HX-1500B Toilet Paper and Kitchen Paper Towel Machine (with Glue Laminator)

(Can produce paper roll with and without paper core)

The HX-1575B Automatic Kitchen Towel Machine makes kitchen paper rolls with or without cores and works especially well for paper manufacturers with a small production capacity or want to decrease production costs.

Features of toilet paper and kitchen paper towel machine
1. Our kitchen towel manufacturing machine incorporates a PLC with a user-friendly touch screen into the design, and the machine automatically stops when there is no paper or a paper jam.

2. Thanks to the advanced tail sealing technique, this automatic kitchen towel machine glues and trims paper edges at the same time.

3. Jumbo rolls are loaded onto the machine pneumatically, and stepless speed control ensures a steady unwinding process.

4. During the rewinding process, paper is tightly wound around the core at the beginning and lessens near the end so that the paper and core won't separate after a long storage time.

5. The kitchen towel machine uses high precision perforation knives that are pneumatically controlled.

6. Users may choose one of two embossing systems from steel to rubber or steel to wool.

7. Our automatic kitchen towel machine glue two plies of paper together for higher liquid absorption. The glue lamination device can apply glue in two ways: point to point and point crossing point. Paper manufactured using the former method is often softer and adsorbs more liquid.

8. Inching switches at the front and back side make it easy to change the settings.

Technical Data of toilet paper and kitchen paper towel machine
1. Production speed: 120-180m/min
2. Finished paper roll diameter: ≤130mm
3. Peroration interval: 200-220mm (other values customizable)
4. Jumbo roll width: ≤1800mm
5. Jumbo roll diameter: ≤1200mm (other values customizable)
6. Jumbo roll paper core diameter: 76mm (other values customizable)
7. Required air pressure: 0.5-0.8Mpa (provided by customer)
8. Power consumption: 5 kW
9. Machine weight: About 4.5 tons
10. Machine dimensions (L×W×H): 6.1×2.7×1.6m

Details of toilet paper and kitchen paper towel machine

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