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HX-Z200 Maxi Roll Toilet & Towels Log Saw (single passway)

This machine is special for cutting Maxi roll. And maxi cutting diameter is 270mm, Min cutting diameter is 130mm. If you want to cut 300mm diameter, it should be customized. Operation simple and easy, cutting quality is good. The speed of production can be reached 60 cut/min. 2, adopt PLC control. automatic reset ,pushing finished roll and cutting. Cutting length and diameter can be adjusted.
3,automatic check cutting head. The min head cutting is 25mm
4, equiped with man-machine touch screen. All the parameter can be seen on the screen. easy operate.
5, with automatic blade sharpen system, Blade grinding precision is high. safety protection system for side door. Machine will stop when side door is open.

Main technical parameter
1、production speed:25-60cut/min
2、jumbo roll width:2000mm (according to the customer request on cutting length )
3、jumbo roll diameter:150-270mm(If want cut 300 diamter, it can be customized)
4、cutting length:60-300mm
5、cutting blade brand: TKM ,diameter: 810mm
6、power supply: 380V/50HZ, 3 phase
7、cutting blade motor:6.77kw(380V 50HZ)
8、Equipment overall size (L×W×H):7100×2250×2600
9、Equipment weight:about 4T

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