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HX-200 Wallet Type Glue Lamination Facial Tissue Machine

Main Features
This wallet-type glue lamination facial tissue machine provides nice and elegant patterns. After the embossing process, this machine cuts the paper precisely, automatically folds the paper into 1/4 or 1/6 facial tissue. Plus, we also provide customized service.

1. The machine can be equipped with 4-color printing system to print a variety of exquisite and clear patterns, trademarks at a high speed, making it appropriate to process high quality napkins. As for color printing, flexographic printing technique is applied. Customized service is also available, such as special color printing, textured string roller, etc.
2. The combination of variable-speed unwinding, synchronous operation and automatic counting leads to easy and convenient packaging.
3. When it comes to bottom embossing patterns, we provide Felt Roller, Wool Roller and Rubber Roller. In order to get clear and bright pattern, a good heating system is also accessible.

Main Technical Parameters
1. Production speed: 400-600 pcs/min
2. Unfolding size: 200×200mm
3. Folding size: 100×100mm±2mm
4. Jumbo roll width: ≤200mm
5. Folding method: 1/4 or 1/6 fold
6. Jumbo roll diameter: ≤1200mm
7. Power: 4.5kW (380V 50HZ)
8. Dimensions (L×W×H): 3700×720×1600mm
9. Weight: About 1.8tons

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