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HX-170/400(330) Paper Napkin Folding Machine (4 Colors, 2 Embossing Units)

This machine is mainly used to automatically print, emboss and fold the rolled paper which has been cut well into square or rectangular napkin paper. It can be connected with 4-color printing system to print diverse clear and beautiful patterns and brands in a high speed way. That’s why it's extensively used to process good quality napkin paper.

Features and Benefits
1. A variety of folded patterns are provided. Customized service is also available.
2. When it comes to color printing, flexography printing techniques are applied. Additionally, the patterns can be changed or adjusted according to client’s requirements, like special color, ink distributing roller, etc.
3. The stepless speed adjustment of unwinding roll and synchronous machine running make sure automatic counting, allowing for easy and convenient packaging.
4. As for bottom embossing patterns, we provide Felt Roller, Wool Roller and Rubber Roller. In order to get clear and bright pattern, a good heating system is also accessible.
5. This machine is equipped with two embossing units. Customers can choose one embossing pattern for mass production and change another pattern if needed. It’s worth noting that changing embossing unit has no influence on other parts.

Main Technical Parameters
1. Production speed: 500-800 pcs/min;
2. Unfolding size: 330 × 330mm;
3. Folding size: 165× 165mm;
4. Jumbo roll paper width: ≤330 mm
5. Jumbo roll paper diameter: ≤1200 mm
6. Power: 4.7kW (380V, 50HZ)
7. Dimensions: 3700×850 × 1600 mm;
8. Weight: About 1.6 tons

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