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Gluing and Lamination Machine

    1. Kitchen Towel Machine (with Two-Color Printing)Users can choose from two embossing systems for different patterns: steel to rubber and steel to wool. Our automatic kitchen towel machine steadily unwinds jumbo rolls thanks to a stepless speed control system.
    1. Full Automatic Rewinding MachineThis machine can produce glue lamination, printing, edge embossing three different kinds of product. The rewinding diameter can be reached 270mm.
    1. Toilet Paper Slitting Machine(with Embosser, Glue Laminator)For this toilet paper slitting and rewinding machine, a stepless speed controller regulates the unwinding tension, while an expanding shaft rewinds the toilet paper at a maximum diameter of 300mm. The toilet paper can be rewound pneumatically as well.
    1. V-Fold Hand Towel Machine(with Glue Laminator)V-Fold Hand Towel Machine (With Glue Laminator)Our paper converting machine uses a synchronous belt to steadily feed and move paper, and a special shock absorption method reduces noise level by 10-15dB, thus alleviating equipment damage caused by vibration.

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