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HX-1575B Toilet Paper and Kitchen Towel Production Line (with Glue Laminator)

(Can produce paper roll with and without paper core)

Equipment Introduction
1. The equipment is integrated with advanced PLC computer programming technology, frequency control and multi-menu type LCD operation display.
2. Adopt the glue applicator to make the gluing more uniform. In addition, equipped with ink distribution device: When the device is in shutdown state, the ink distribution device starts to avoid the precipitation of glue (ink).
3. The colored glue is also available to be used for lamination.
4. The device is equipped with automatic glue adding system to make the glue adding and cleaning more convenient.
5. Can make products with or without paper core.

Main Features
1. Automatic paper core replacement. After finish the paper roll rewinding, will be pushed automatically to change the new paper core for rewinding. It is suitable for various sizes of paper core.
2. Automatic tail trimming, gluing and bonding. Adopt international popular tail trimming and gluing technology, while also maximize the cutting of waste material, can reduce the production costs.
3. Adopt advanced programming technology, can achieve multi-level tightness during the rewinding process, and avoid the loose problem of paper core caused by long-term storage.
4. Unwinding with stepless speed motor, ensure the smooth unwinding.
5. Base paper pneumatic feeding, automatic shutdown.
6. High precision helical knife, punching more clear, pneumatic control, easy tail threading.
7. The embossing system uses steel-rubber rollers.
8. Glue applicator: When producing the kitchen paper, apply the glue to the embossed convex surface to make two layers of paper to be glued together and increase the water absorption.
9. A variety of humanized devices such as inching switch and others make the operation easier and safer.

Main Technical Parameters
1. Production speed: 100-180m/min
2. Punch distance: Toilet paper 100-150mm;
Kitchen paper 200-220mm
3. Base paper width: ≤1800mm
4. Base paper diameter: ≤1200mm
5. Equipment power: 12.3KW(380V, 50HZ)
6. Equipment dimension (L×W×H): 9000×2400×2000mm
7. Equipment weight: about 5.2T

Full automatic log saw cutting machine (Double-channel)
1. Cutting speed: 80-100 times/min
2. Cutting diameter: Kitchen log 120mm;
Toilet paper 100mm
3. Log length: ≤1800mm
4. Equipment power: About 6.77 kW (380V, 50Hz)
5. Equipment weight: About 2 tons
6. Equipment size (L*W*H): 7080mm*1750mm*1920mm

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