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HX-170/400(380) Three Color Napkin Folding Machine (with Glue Laminator, 1/4 Fold and 1/8 Fold)

Equipment Introduction
The equipment can process the well slitted paper roll into square or rectangle napkin by printing, embossing and automatic folding. It can be equipped with 4 color ink printing system for printing a variety of exquisite designs and trademarks, the printing is clear and bright, with high speed and smooth operation, is the first choice for processing high-grade napkins. The machine is mainly composed of paper unwinding unit, color printing device, embossing device, register control device, longitudinal folding device, sheet feeding device, lateral folding device, slitting device and other components.
1. Unwinding device: Adopt the flat belt pushing type, and equipped with stepless speed regulation device, can adjust the unwinding speed within a certain range to control the tension, to ensure the stability during high-speed production and the neat appearance of product.
2. Longitudinal folding device: Adopt the unique stainless steel paper folding fork, the regulation and paper feeding are more convenient.
3. Feed roller: Adopt taper wheel and flat belt transmission, can easily adjust the speed of feed roller and better adapt to high speed production of various elastic papers.
4. The machine has automatic counting function, the customer can set the number of paper sheets per package referring to the counter manual.
5. Add the glue laminator to produce paper towels or kitchen paper and improve the water absorption.

Technical Parameters
1. Production speed: 400-800 sheets/min.
2. Folded size: 190*190mm
3. Extended size: 380*380mm (Folding type: 1/4, 1/8)
4. Base paper width: 380mm
5. Base paper diameter: 1200mm
6. Base paper specifications: double layer 16-30g/m2
7. Machine power: 7KW (380V 50HZ)
8. Machine dimension (L×W×H): 9490×1220×2000mm
9. Machine weight: about 2.5 T

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