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Full Automatic Rewinding Machine

Machine Introduction
1, This machine can produce glue lamination, printing, edge embossing three different kinds of product. The rewinding diameter can be reached 270mm.
2,Adopt PLC control, Main motor is frequency conversion
3,Man-machine operation, easy for operation, with high production efficiency. Machine stop automatically when paper break.
4,The rewinding process of the product is tight first and loose afterward. The fluffy is controlled by servo. Automatic changing roll, cutting and sealing in one step. Then finished product output.
5,This machine for producing kitchen towel with glue lamination, toilet paper, maxi roll paper. Glue lamination effect is good, with color printing. Can printing paper with wonderful pattern. It also can produce toilet paper and kitchen towel with same embossing pattern.

Main technical parameter
1、jumbo roll width:≦2800
2、jumbo roll diameter:≦1600
3、jumbo roll inner core diameter:72mm
4、finished product inner core diameter:35-50mm
5、finished product diameter:130-270mm
6、jumbo roll specification:2 layer 13-20g/m2;single layer 20-40g/m2
7、perforating distance:110-200mm
8、production speed: 120-180m/min
9、Equipment power:22.54kw
10、Equipment weight:12t
11、Equipment overall size:9500 × 4000 × 2500 mm

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