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V-Fold Hand Towel Machine(with Glue Laminator)

With 4 jumbo roll stands, 4 embossers and 2 glue applicators, the multifunctional HX-240-2 automatic V-Fold hand towel machine is intended to manufacture 2-ply, V-fold hand towels, kitchen towels and facial tissue.

Features of automatic v-fold hand towel machine
1. Our paper converting machine uses a synchronous belt to steadily feed and move paper, and a special shock absorption method reduces noise level by 10-15dB, thus alleviating equipment damage caused by vibration.
2. With a PLC controller, an electronic counter and two inching switches, operators will find it very easy and safe to use this V-fold hand towel machine.
3. For this interfold paper machine, paper is cut, separated, and loaded pneumatically. The steel to rubber embossing unit is pneumatically controlled, and embossed patterns are customizable.
4. The glue applicator of the V-fold hand towel machine bonds 2 plies of paper together to increase liquid absorption.

Technical Data of automatic v-fold hand towel machine
1. Production speed: 1000-1200 sheets/minute (depends on the number of output lanes)
2. Open size of finished paper: 240×220mm
3. Folded size of finished paper: 240×110mm
4. Max. jumbo roll diameter: 1200mm
5. Max. jumbo roll width: 480mm (2 lanes), 960mm (4 lanes), 1440mm (6 lanes), etc.
6. Power consumption: 11kW
7. Machine weight: 2.5T
8. Machine dimensions (L×W×H): 9400×1550×1950mm

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