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HX-1575B Single Embossing, Rewinding and Perforating Toilet Paper Machine

Equipment function and configuration
1. Adopts PLC programmable controller to control the production process.
2. Operated and controlled by man-machine dialogue, with production parameters displayed on screen. Equipment stops automatically when paper break.
3. Jumbo roll paper is pneumatically loaded on machine, unwinding roll tension control device.
4. The rewinding process of the product is tight first and loose afterward, with its adjustable tension.
5. Perforation segment length can be adjustable.
6. Paper core replacement, glue spraying and paper cutting undergo automatically according to given sequence.
7. Embossing pattern is to be selected by clients.
8. Bearing, electric components and synchronous belt adopt famous brand product.
9. Early warning for situation that material break, thus machine stops; early warning for paper tube shortage; early warning for power supply low voltage; early warning for power supply inlet wire phase mistake.
10. Equipment double-side spray paint.
11. Counting: segment quantity or roll-furling diameter function selection.

According to client’s requirement, make double embossing rollers, can add Glue Applying Unit for producing kitchen paper, can add 1-3 color printing device.

Main technical parameter
1. Production speed: 100~200 m/min
2. Roll-furling diameter: ≤130 mm
3. Jumbo roll paper width: ≤1800 mm (1575 model)

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