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HX-1575A Single Embossing Toilet Paper Machine (Manually Change Paper Core)

The HX-1575A semi automatic toilet paper rewinder and perforator is used during toilet paper manufacturing, this machine is with bearings, electrical components and synchronous belts made by reliable and well-known manufacturers.

1. This toilet paper rewinding and perforating machine uses a flat belt to pneumatically feed jumbo rolls into the machine and a stepless control system to regulate the unwinding tension.

2. This semi automatic toilet paper machine uses a synchronous belt for moving products from unit to unit and cutting-edge rewinding technology to keep paper rolls tidy and neat. The perforation intervals and rewinding tightness are adjustable.

3. Our toilet paper machine glues and seals simultaneously, simplifying manual operation and increasing productivity.

4. Our toilet paper rewinding and perforating machine will stop automatically when paper breaks or when no paper is being fed into it. Embossed patterns are decided by users.

Technical Data
1. Production speed: 130-180m/min
2. Paper roll diameter: ≤130mm (adjustable)
3. Jumbo roll diameter: ≤1200mm
4. Jumbo roll width: ≤1800mm
5. Perforation interval: 100-150mm
6. Power consumption: 4kW (380V/50Hz)
7. Machine weight: About 2.2 tons
8. Machine dimensions (L×W×H): 4.2×2.6×1.4m

Details of toilet paper machine

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