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HX-1575B Single Embossing Toilet Paper Production Line

The HX-1575B toilet paper machine has embossing, rewinding and perforating functions, which makes toilet paper rolls with or without paper cores at a maximum production speed of 200m/min.

Features of rewinding and perforating machine
1. This toilet paper machine is easy to operate with a user-friendly touch screen and easily viewed production parameters.

2. Thanks to the PLC, all the manufacturing procedures are automatically controlled, while the bearings, electrical components and synchronous belts are supplied by reliable and well-known manufacturers.

3. The toilet paper embossing, rewinding and perforating machine alerts operators if any of the following occurs: jumbo roll breaks, lack of paper cores, low power voltage and wrong phase connection.

4. For this paper converting equipment, jumbo rolls are loaded pneumatically, and a specialized device regulates the tensile force for unwinding. During the rewinding process, paper is wound tightly at first then lessens. The degree of tightness is adjustable. In addition, our toilet paper embossing machine allows users to select their favorite embossed patterns.

5. Our toilet paper perforating machine has an adjustable perforation interval, and can spray both sides with ink.

6. The toilet paper rewinding machine offers two methods of counting: set the desired paper number on the operation panel, or set the desired paper roll diameter on the rewinder.

7. If requested, the toilet paper embossing, rewinding and perforating machine could be equipped with a double embossing roller and glue applying unit in order to make kitchen paper towels or with a color printer featuring 1-3 colors.

Technical Data of rewinding and perforating machine
1. Production speed: 100-200m/min
2. Rewinding diameter: ≤130mm
3. Jumbo roll width: ≤1800mm
4. Jumbo roll diameter: ≤1200mm
5. Perforation interval: 100-150mm
6. Power consumption: 7.6kW (380V/50Hz)
7. Machine weight: About 4 tons
8. Machine dimensions (L×W×H): 5.2×2.25×1.55m

Details of rewinding and perforating machine

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