Paper Making Machines

for Toilet Paper, Tissue Paper,
Kitchen Paper Towels and Paper Napkins

Toilet Paper Machine, Kitchen Paper Towel Machine, Paper Napkin Machine

In an age of convenience, disposable paper products are a necessary part of running hotels, offices, and even homes. At Huaxun, we know that paper mill manufacturers need to have machines with a high production capacity, consistent cutting, winding, and folding processes, and convenient packaging solutions. That's why we offer a wide range of multifunctional paper making equipment so our paper mill customers can manufacture and package disposable facial tissues, paper napkins, hand towels, kitchen paper, toilet paper, baby diapers, and other paper products efficiently and easily. With a number of standard models as well as customizable designs, you are sure to find exactly what you need with Huaxun.Read More

Main Products

  • Service
    1. Customer Service Policy Technical Support
      - Free consultation and project feasibility analysis
      - Technical data for reference
      - Design pattern, installation blueprint and other necessary information for production
    2. Sales NetworkOur paper making machines are increasing in popularity both locally in China as well as internationally.
  • Buying Guide
    1. How to AssessIt's important for paper mill owners to assess a paper converting machine before purchasing, and here are the top five questions you should consider.
    2. How to ChoosePaper converting machines are usually classified into fully automatic and semi automatic machines according to two functions.
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